The Start of Something Great

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Brandi.  I found out that Brandi has something of great value: she has questions about God.  So this series of posts is dedicated to finding answers to those questions, and finding new questions too!

If you are not named Brandi, but are also someone who has questions, you are welcome to ask  as well!  Brandi and I are committed to including everyone.  Just leave your questions in the comments, and I will pick one or two or three or {an indefinite amount to be TBD} to respond to each week.

Disclaimer: I do not have all the answers.  Let us remember that I am a 20-something-year-old wannabe missionary…so do not set your expectations too high.  However, I happen to believe that God knows everything.  And for some reason, he shares some of that knowledge with us. I do not really get why he does this. I know that I don’t deserve to have knowledge of God.  I would think that he could find a lot better candidates to share his knowledge with.   But the Bible says this in James 1:5: ” If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.” Who am I to argue with that? Based on this truth, my hope is that God will share a bit of his infinite wisdom with us. At the same time, remember who God has to work with here.  So if I mess up, please cut him some slack.

Remember, you can ask anything and everything. 

Also, you can ask as often as you want.

Just one more thing:

Dear Miss Brandi – even if millions of girls start posting questions, this post is dedicated to you!  And if it is always just you and I, I want you to know that you have great value, and am excited for the adventure your questions can take us on.

So, my question to you is:

What are your questions? :)

2 responses to “The Start of Something Great

  1. Okay, I haven’t been on the internet in the last two days.
    Whenever I get back on, I am greeted with this. This made me smile, extremely big. I LOVE IT. :)
    I’ve been thinking about questions, and 1 or 2 are questions from my friends too!
    1) who made/how was the Bible made?
    2) why do people argue about wither or not Jesus died for our sins, where he died, when, how it happened, ect?
    3) God got Mary pregnant, right? When people talk about Jesus sometimes..I’ve noticed they call him “God.” Why?
    4) God, or Jesus, or both, I don’t know, planned our lives before we lived it. So why would he make people lead miserable lives?
    5) I don’t understand how being gay/lesbian/bisexual is “sinning” or why they are “going to Hell.” I think it just says a man laying with a man is wrong in the Bible, I’m not so sure though. Boys lay together at sleep overs, they lay together in boyscouts. They lay together, side by side.
    6) Mary and God had Jesus. So who the heck is Adam and Eve?
    7) what’s the story with Adam and Eve. All I know is that it includes and apple and snake. Besides that, I am CLUELESS.
    8) does the Bible say where Humans and everything came from?
    9) where did “they”(bible makers/creators) come up with the names for like…the different chapters?
    That’s all I have right now! Have a good week!
    -brandi. (:

    • Wow, great questions Brandi! I love how you are so real. I think it will be better to explore questions one by one rather than all at once, so as to pace ourselves. I look forward to where this is going to take us!

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