Relationship with God?

This post was written in response to the question “How can I have a relationship with God?” which was sent in by Dan.  If you have a question which you would like answered, feel free to email me at


Dan, your question is a great one.  I think many people wonder about Jesus, especially around times like Easter and Christmas, because they think that it is important to go to church on these days. While going to church can be good, it can also be confusing.  Different churches have their own culture, and if you are not in the church all of the time, the new culture can make you feel foreign and lost. I know what it is like to sit in church and not understand what is going on.  It is disappointing.  It is frustrating. And it sometimes does not help you answer the questions which really need to be answered.

To answer your question, I will first share with you a brief explanation of how I started my relationship with God.  I will then give you some pointers in how to grow in that relationship.
My relationship began the day that I realized that I did not deserve to know God. Someone explained what the Bible said in simple terms to me:
1. God loves humans and wants to have a relationship with us so that we can have full spiritual life.
2. We separate ourselves from God by choosing to follow our own ways instead of his. This is called sin, and results in disconnection from God, or spiritual death.  Once our relationship with God is broken, we have no way to get it back ourselves.
3. God chose to come to earth as Jesus, live a life which had no sin, and then take the death that we all deserve on the cross.  He showed he was God when he came back to life after 3 days. He died for everyone, so anyone who wants to have a relationship with God can just accept that Jesus made the way for that, and ask God.
4. We must choose to accept Jesus for ourselves. No one can do it for us.  It is our choice.

I chose to pray to receive Christ.  I told God that I have separated myself from God and gone my own way.  I told him that I do not have a way to make myself right.  And then I said that I believe that Jesus is God, that he came to earth, that he was without fault, that he died the death that I deserve, and that he came back to life on the third day.  I thanked him for doing this for me, and asked him to help me start a new relationship with God.

If you want to start a relationship with God, know that He is waiting for you.  It does not matter what you have done in the past.  He loves you.  You can pray the same thing that I prayed if you want.  What matters is the attitude of your heart.  If you want to know God, I encourage you to pray now.

If you have chosen to do that, I am excited for you!  If you have chosen not to do so, I encourage you to consider what is keeping you from believing in Jesus.

Once you have chosen to receive Jesus, your new life with God can start!  I promise you, it will be exciting if you are willing to let God direct you.  Here are some ways you can get to know Him more:

1. Pray, which is just talking with God. That is a really great way to grow in your relationship.

2. Read the Bible.  I suggest you start by reading about Jesus life in the book of John (you can find it here:  Find friends who can help you understand it.  You can count me as your first friend who wants to do that!

3. Tell others about your decision.  Maybe others want to have the same hope.  Or maybe you can find friends who already have faith, and can help you understand more about God.  You can find such friends at some churches.  Just make sure it is a church which believes that it is by Jesus’ grace that we are saved.:)

What are your reasons for believing in Jesus, or not?


5 responses to “Relationship with God?

  1. Thank you very much for the offer of the book, but I wouldn’t like to inconvenience you; I will get myself a Kindle edition of it soon :)

    I will continue to look into the different viewpoints to see if I can find one to settle on.

    Thank you for your time, I will check back here soon :)

    • haha, for real? The first time I try to do a give-away and I find out my readers are too nice to accept? If you change your mind, just let me know:-) The title of the book is “More than just a carpenter” by Josh McDowell. He has other good books too, but I like that one because it is quite succinct and logically sequenced.

      I am excited for the questions you will find, and I look forward to continuing this dialogue. I wish studying for final exams were as fun as this…

  2. As an agnostic, I found this post very intresting. I was brought up among Christian culture and have a strong sense or right and wrong, but have never felt a belief in God. On the one hand, I look at the beauty I see around me and feel that surely it cannot all be to chance. But the many different religions confuse me. Most have similar messages; all profess that they are right and the others are wrong. So how am I to know which is correct?

    Perhaps all religions are correct about the one God but worship in different ways. If this is the case, does it matter how I worship God? Is attending church on sundays necessary, so long as I try to live my life in a moral manner? And if I live my life justly, with a love for the people and things around me but do not recognize God, would this stop me from entering heaven?

    So sorry to ply you with questions, and thanks in advance for your answers :)

    • Thanks Lincoln! I can identify with what you are saying. I find all of the religions confusing. And yet, like you, I look at nature, and am convinced that there must be a higher power.

      In my search for which belief system is right, I really zoned in on the historical person of Jesus. Most religions say something about him. Since they differ on what they say about him, some of them must be wrong. I wanted to know what was the truth. I found the work of Josh McDowell the most interesting. Actually, in my head I had decided that I would send a gift to the first person to comment on this blog. That happens to be you, so if you would like your very own copy of my favourite book sent to you, send your mailing address to

      It will be difficult for you to answer the other questions until you decide whose standard you are choosing to follow. Because I have chosen to follow a Biblical standard, I will answer them accordingly. Since they are more substantial, I will add them to my questions list, and answer them in posts:)

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