All You Really Need to Know…is that this blog is not about me.  It is about so much more than I ever hope to be.

It is about Jesus and it is about you.

I am captivated by my relationship with Jesus, who:

  •  I believe is God
  • came to earth as a human
  • chose to take the  punishment of death for wrongdoings which He did not commit
  •  came back to life after three days, showing me and you that we can have a relationship with God, no matter how separated we might be.

I like to help others discover Jesus too.

Maybe you call me crazy. I would have to agree with you. I am pretty crazy about him. My best time is spent following him and meditating upon his words. However, I am not very good at doing this.  I struggle, and often feel like I am just wandering and wondering.  Thankfully, Jesus uses the tad of faith that I do have to constantly challenge me to grow.

This blog is also about you.

This blog is primarily for anyone who is interested in understanding more about who Jesus is and how to best share His love with the world.  Whether you are already a missionary with more years of experience than I have in life, you just have some questions about this whole idea of God, or you usually try to avoid missionaries at all costs, you are welcome here.  All questions are encouraged, and this is a safe place to express them. Please feel free to comment or email me at wannabemissionary@gmail.com. I really like mail!

The only other thing you should know about me is that I am completely unqualified to write a blog.

If you really want more detail than that (but I promise you, it is not necessary), you may continue reading about my unqualification here.


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