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Billy Graham meets TED (!)

I am a nerd.  I like science. I am a geek. I like technology.  I have spent ( some people say “invested,” I lean towards “squandered”) the past two years of my life on education, so I have to like TED. And you have likely figured out that I like faith a lot.

so when Technology, science and faith are all wrapped up into one TEDTalk by one of the most renowned missionaries of all time (!)…

…I get “a bit” excited. But instead of running around, jumping up and down, screaming and doing a happy dance, I have decided to share the video which caused my elation with you. You are welcome.

Let’s face it, there are not very many people who need a wannabe missionary to introduce them. But even if there were, Billy Graham would not be one of them. Billy Graham has introduced millions of people around the world to Jesus over the past 70 years. Gaining respect from people such as Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, and many presidents, Billy Graham’s reach has been wide.

We will let him speak for himself.

 What can we learn from Billy Graham?